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Seminars & Reflection Days


At the core of every person is a deep desire for authentic love and human greatness. Despite this innate desire for good, many young people make poor sexual decisions. A casual attitude towards sex increases the probability of negative outcomes, such as sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, abortion and emotional heartache.

Real Talk presentations illuminate the idea that what we do with our body is of great significance especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. We encourage young people to be critical consumers of media messages and to respect the dignity and value of every individual. Fundamental to every session is the notion that it is only in truly valuing yourself that you can experience happiness. We help students to realise that in living with sexual integrity a person can realise their full potential and build meaningful relationships.


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Love and Life

Love and Life is Real Talk's flagship presentation/day. These sessions break open topics surrounding sex, relationships, self worth and personal identity.

Using personal sharing, video content, creative learning and discussions these sessions encourage students to value love and to see the deeper meaning of sex.
The Real Talk: Love and Life seminar covers:

  • Self worth
  • Making good choices
  • The important of our bodies and our actions
  • The media and how sex and body image are portrayed
  • The repercussions of poor sexual choices
  • Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs)
  • The benifits of lasting monogamous relationships
  • Explains why Christians believe sex reserved for marriage is best for human fullfillment (as part of conclusion)
  • Encourages ongoing dialogue with School Chaplain and School Counsellors as required

Year Levels

 Grades 7-8, 9, 10-12 (7-13 NZ)

(Junior,intermediate & senior formats)

School Type

  • Co-educational schools
  • Single sex schools

Session Type

  • Double lesson seminar - 60-120 mins (E.g. RE, HPE, PD class or assembly group) 
  • Tailor made sessions (E.g. single lesson, half day)


Stronger encourages and challenges students to work on themselves and their relationships by making good, and at times, hard decisions. Stronger awakens the idea that men are shaped by the choices they make.

Tackling the big issues like pornography, respect in relationships, peer pressure, teenage apathy and bullying, the presentations encourage the participants to be men of character whilst affirming the dignity of women. Like the muscles that give physical strength - character and success are propagated through good training and hard work. Stronger calls forth a higher standard for the men of tomorrow.


Year Levels

9, 10-12

School Type

  • Co-education schools
  • All male schools

Session Type

  • Double lesson seminar (60-120 mins)
  • Tailor made sessions

Brave & Beautiful

True Beauty sessions tap into the desire of every female to be seen and to be beautiful. True Beauty seeks to expose the false portrayal of beauty in today's world and the pressure to conform to society's standards.

Addressing issues such as self-image, the beauty industry, eating disorders and how to recognise true beauty, this session encourages and empowers girls to see the truth of who they are and how they don't need to be something they are not. True Beauty draws forth confidence, maturity and a desire for healthy relationships.


Year Levels

9, 10-12

School Type

  • Co-education schools (split sexes session)
  • All girl schools

Session Type

  • Double lesson (60-120 mins)
  • Tailor made sessions