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At the core of every person is a deep desire for authentic love and human greatness. Despite this many young people gravitate towards an individualistic, materialistic and superficial attitude towards self and others. A casual attitude to sex is proven to result in a greater probability of negative consequences, such as sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies, abortion and emotional heartache. Real Talk resources lead young people to a life lived to the full by engaging, educating, equipping, evangelising and empowering students.


Mini Mags

Student Mini-Mags provide a fun, informative and interactive medium for students. 

More than just a resource, Student Mini-Mags include contemporary discussions, quizzes and links to powerful "Mini-Movies". They can act as a reinforcement to Real Talk seminars or can be used as a stand alone resource. They serve as a powerful companion to Religious, Personal Development and Health and Physical Education classes.

FROM JUST $3 each they are a powerful teaching tool!

Available for middle school and senior school

"I can personally use it in class to greatly enhance year 11 Religion and Ethics, senior Study of Religion and year 10 personal development. It is one of the best resources I have encountered in my time of teaching especially for teaching modules such as “Beginnings, Purpose and Destiny” and “Morals and Ethics” and I can see appropriate areas of use from PE to PD to RE." 
(J. Parker Senior RE Teacher)




Girl Talk

GIRL TALK is an eight week identity program specifically designed for preteen girls (Middle School). 

There is so much more to deal with than the physical changes in this age group!  GIRL TALK takes female students on a journey to womanhood.  It covers issues like making good choices, friendship and peers, beauty and lots more....

The GIRL TALK resource includes a workbook, DVD and enhanced CD with all the ideas, input and presentations you will need to run GIRL TALK in your school, home or church.

It consists of eight 2-3 hour sessions but sessions can be used in isolation and adapted to fit a variety of settings. To find out more about the topics covered or how your school/church/family could use the Girl Talk resource please email:

GIRL TALK can be facilitated by any willing teacher or leader but the authors Kym Keady and Chantale Wilson are also available to facilitate the program in South East Queensland or as a single day workshop around Australia and New Zealand.


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Chappy Packs

Specifically for High School Chaplains and Campus Ministers we have put together a selection of Real Talk resources and motivational cards/posters as a discounted “Chappy Pack”. These packs give you everything you need to have on hand for that student or youth that comes by your room looking for advice on some tricky questions on sex and God.


Pornography, Love & Relationships

For use in groups, schools, churches and organisation and available for purchase as:

  • an 'Educational Use' DVD resource which includes a license to broadcast to groups; OR
  • a high-resolution digital download.

Two-Part video presentation including discussion questions for groups. 

In this presentation, Real Talk Managing Director Paul Ninnes breaks open the challenge of pornography for young people and adults, how it affects a person's mind, body and soul and how it can profoundly harm relationships.

To deal with any problem we must first understand it. This may be the best presentation on the pandemic of porn will you see, all from a deeply personal perspective. Watching this presentation will give the viewer hope for freedom and the desire and strategies for the fulfilling love we are created for.