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Getting real on the topics of sex, relationships and personal identity


Over 30 000 students annually! Discover why Real Talk is one of the fastest growing organisations working in schools.

Using a personal approach Real Talk provides a positive voice that deeply impacts students' self-worth, beliefs and behaviours.

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The new seminar that goes beyond just "safety" in the digital world

Live seminars impact students and their decision making on the topics of sex, relationships and personal identity. With seminar and full day formats, and different content for junior and senior sessions, Real Talk can work with you to meet your needs for all year levels. Whether it be our signature “Love & Life” seminars and reflection days or our single sex sessions Real Talk will leave a lasting impression. Using personal sharing, hard hitting facts, multimedia, interactive learning, discussion & reflection time Real Talk will: engage, educate, evangelise, equip & empower.

Through Parent's Nights and Staff Professional Development we aim to educate, encourage and equip. At Real Talk we believe that parents and guardians are the primary educators and motivators and should be supported in this role by what is taught at school.

We seek to empower those who are most present in teenagers day-to-day lives to feel confident in dealing with today's issues. We provide strategies, tools and language for the important conversations and lessons on a range of topics.


Real Talk has a number of resources for students, educators, leaders and parents. Using up-to-date research, a contemporary look and utilising different forms of media Real Talk attempts to reach every young person with these crucial messages.

Including the very popular Real Talk Mini-Mag and the Girl Talk program our resources are audience specific and very appealing. Each resource can be used in isolation but Real Talk Mini-Mags also serve as a great companion and follow up for schools booking live seminars.

Getting Real

In a world where young people crave information, authenticity and reality, Real Talk’s presenters deliver the full message on sex and relationships using language and methods that teenagers respond to. The topic is too important to just sweep under the carpet. Young people need to hear the truth in a compelling way and they need it now!

Fuelling Faith


At Real Talk we believe God has an amazing plan for each and every person's life. Whether it be Catholic, Christian or Government schools Real Talk presents a message based on the Christian values of respect, dignity and self worth. In Christian faith schools we deliver a powerful message that invites students into the reality that we are created to experience a love that echoes the love of Jesus. In state schools, we are not overtly religious, being mindful of non-faith and non-Christian backgrounds, we provide seminars that point students clearly towards a life lived to the full.

Motivating for Change

“I am made in God’s image
and I am beautiful”
— Student, Brigidine College, QLD

Nothing motivates Real Talk staff  more than the knowledge that when we leave a school there are students whose lives have been changed for the better forever. Education is crucial but empowerment is life changing!

“I learned so much that the list would be too long but it has changed the way I think of myself”  John Paul College NZ

"I am worth the wait”  Katie - Ignite Youth Summer Camp


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