Through Parents' and Caregivers' Nights and Staff Professional Development we aim to educate, encourage and equip those adults who are helping young people to navigate their way through life, love, relationships and sex.

At Real Talk we believe that parents and guardians are the primary educators and motivators within a child’s life and should be supported in this role by what is taught at school.  Through our Parents' and Caregivers' Nights we seek to empower those who are most present in teenagers day-to-day lives to feel confident in dealing with today's issues. We provide strategies, tools and language for the important conversations and lessons on a range of topics. 

For Staff Professional Development, Real Talk can provide twilight sessions, single sessions or full day professional development. Topics include the problem with pornography, digital world issues, educating on relationships, sex and marriage and developing young people who recognise and respect the dignity and value of people.

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The first session with Real Talk was fantastic! I could have listened to Kym all night; she was so honest and practical. She was a gift from God for all the young people and their parents present. I felt better as a parent when I left and I just wish more parents could hear it.
— Jane Coates, Parent (Parents & Daughters Session, Christchurch, NZ)
As educators Real Talk staff sessions strengthened our understanding of the uniqueness of each child. It also challenged us to recognise the complexities facing adolescents and young adults in today’s digitally saturated world. As educators these sessions provided us with key information to assist us in supporting our students in dealing with these issues.
— Linda Perrett (AP-Secondary)
The feedback from staff professional development sessions was overwhelmingly positive.
Staff appreciated being told the very alarming and confronting realities which reinforced the importance of being aware of these topics.
Teachers found that they were able to relate easily to the presenters and also appreciated the pedagogical ‘stepping stones’ to help them approach these topics with young people.
— Lee Herden (Catholic Schools Office, Armidale)