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Real Talk is all about getting real on the topics of sex, relationships and personal identity. Based on christian values and using personal sharing from a team of dynamic presenters, Real Talk provides presentations, programs and up-to-date resources. We want all young people to know their true value, worth and dignity and to experience love for all it was created to be.

Our Team

Senior Presenters


Paul Ninnes


Paul is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Real Talk International. He uses his powerful life story and fifteen years ministry experience to present the life-changing Real Talk message. Paul was awarded “Professional Leader of the Year” in 2014. He has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and postgraduate qualifications in Sexual Health and Theology. Paul is married to Emma and has four beautiful children.


Kym Keady


Kym is the Co-founder of Real Talk International. As a Counsellor, youth worker, author and inspirational speaker, Kym draws on twenty-five years experience helping young people realise their potential and worth. Kym is married to Patrick and a mother to three teenage children. Despite her achievements and passion for ministry, Kym’s heart is most at home with her children, the three people she knows she will profoundly affect like no other audience she will ever have the honour of speaking to.


Emma Ninnes

Emma is a wife and mother of four beautiful children. She has a bachelor of Occupational Therapy and has worked as a presenter for Real Talk for the past 5 years. Emma has many years experience in youth ministry and is driven to share with as many young people as she can how valuable and incredible God has created them to be. She has a story that impacts audiences especially around the topics of self worth and body image.



Nikki Lysaght

Nikki is the Primary Schools Manager of Real Talk Australia and is currently leading our exciting expansion into primary school ministry. With qualifications in Business, Journalism; Education; and Religious Education Nikki has 18 years experience teaching in Catholic Education and 10 years as an Assistant Principal Religious Education. Nikki has been involved in Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry for more than 20 years and loves sharing her life’s wisdom with others. She is passionate and creative, and as a wife and mother of 3 energetic children aged 9 – 13 Nikki is experiencing first hand the joys and challenges that come with parenting tweens to teens.


Matt Ross

Matthew was deeply impacted by a Real Talk presentation during high school, and experienced some major positive life changes. After a year of voluntary mission work at a Melbourne college, he joined the Real Talk team as a presenter and began studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Arts, with interests in Theology and Literature. Matthew worked three years as a Parish youth coordinator and loves encouraging young people to make strong choices and lead meaningful lives. He loves running and cycling, and he and his wife Katelyn recently celebrated the birth of their first son, Samuel.


Gerard Trolove

As a carpenter from Christchurch, New Zealand, Gerard is as comfortable in front of a hall full of students as he is on the worksite. Gerard has worked in a number of youth related roles over the last 7 years including serving as Dorm master at Saint Bede’s College. He has a love of surfing, skating and playing touch rugby and is driven to see young people experience a life to the full.


Justine Cumbo

Briegé Koning - NZ Team

Sam Brebner - NZ Team


Briegé has over five years experience working with youth and young adults in both a voluntary and paid capacity. She is a currently working towards her undergraduate degree in counselling in New Zealand, and is passionate about encouraging people to cultivate self awareness and healthy thinking. Briegé loves exploring creative outlets and believes that they are key to maintaining positive self care, exploration and knowledge.




Nathan Robinson


Katelyn Ross


Angela Harris


Sally Hood


Stephanie Santos


Kristen Roe


Pia Hurdoyal


Stephanie Ransom


Our Story

 Real Talk Team 2017

Real Talk Team 2017

Real Talk (Real Talk International Ltd.) is a not-for-profit charity organisation and was launched in its current form in 2012. Since that time it has grown rapidly throughout Australia and New Zealand to become possibly the most significant provider of values-based presentations on human sexuality in Australasia. Our staff has grown in just a few years from two (founding Directors Paul Ninnes and Kym Keady) to twenty in 2018. 

The rapid growth is in part due to the massive need for the work we do and the challenges young people face in navigating their way through life. While recent cultural developments have seen many new and great opportunities for young people, today's world presents many obstacles and illusions. The sexualisation of people and the trend away from lasting meaningful relationships leads many young people to despair, heartache and physical and mental illness. 

Despite this gloomy picture Real Talk has some good news. Some really really good news! There is a better way to live. There is a blueprint inside all of us for healthy self-worth and fulfilling lasting relationships based on love and respect. Young people are thirsty for the truth and when they hear it, they know it. Real Talk are experts at communicating with young people in a real and challenging way whilst sharing a positive vision and enabling people to move towards it.

Real Talk is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission.  Real Talk is governed by a Board of Directors (Paul Ninnes, Kym Keady, Kristen Roe) and further supported in 2018 by a Board of Reference.

Real Talk exists in part due to the generous support of the public. Real Talk International Ltd. is a registered charity with the ACNC and registered with the Office of Fair Trading as a fundraising organisation in QLD. Real Talk is also registered as a charitable trust in New Zealand.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss supporting us or click here to find out about our real appeal.


97% of students

School Survey Results*


recommend Real Talk come out and speak with students again. 

96% of students

would rather have Real Talk present on these topics than someone at their school.

77% of students


93% of students

say that our visit helped them to better value themselves, relationships and sex.

rated our visit as above average (good or very good).

* Sample from 125 school surveys completed of over 10,000 students in 2015 and 2016. Results represent median score. All questions resulted in a mode score of 100%. Schools were surveyed for Real Talk's appraisal and not originally for promotional purposes, therefore, statistics may underrepresent the true score (E.g. long term repeat bookings and schools with predictably good results were not surveyed). We thank our generous volunteer Michael Curtin for his amazing gift to Real Talk through data entry.