Primary School Seminars

Watch the video below for an overview of Real Talk's Primary School seminar options 

Love & Life - Primary

The time Real Talk spends with primary school students assists parents and teachers to lay a firm foundation on the important topics of personal identity and development, self worth, good choices, relationships and sexuality. 

Using personal stories, video content, creative learning, fun activities and games, audience participation and discussions these sessions encourage students to think critically about their value and contributions to their own world and the world around them.

Curriculum based primary sessions work as a stepping stone to assist students to developmentally prepare for deeper conversations around topics surrounding sex and relationships when they enter high school.  And, as such, contain similar messages to Real Talk’s Love and Life, Stronger, Brave and Beautiful, and Getting Real in the Digital World high school seminars.

The basic/standard Real Talk Primary seminar explores:

  • Being created in the image and likeness of God

  • Self worth and appreciating diversity (others and ourselves)

  • Making good choices based on respect and love of self and neighbour

  • The impact of the media on how we see ourselves and how we act

  • The importance of our bodies the value and meaning of sexual body language

  • The beauty of healthy relationships

*Many schools choose to do a full day reflection day that includes Real Talk's Love & Life material as well as the Let's Talk puberty material.

Year Levels

Yr 5, Yr 6

(or Yr 5&6 combination)

School Type

Co-education school

(split session sessions)

Single sex schools

Session Type

Double lesson seminar – 60-120 mins

Full day retreat/reflection days

Tailor made session (eg. Single lesson, half day)



Let's Talk - Puberty Seminar

Let’s Talk is Real Talk’s puberty seminar.  Let’s Talk identifies and discusses the emotional and physical changes that students will experience as they journey through puberty.  Contemporary video content, along with personal sharing from presenters and time for discussion with students means that students are engaged in learning about this important topic from the HPE curriculum.


Year Levels

Yr 5, Yr 6

(or Yr 5 & 6 combination)

School Type

Co-education school (split session sessions)

Single sex schools

Session Type

Part of the co-educational “Primary”
full day retreat/reflection day

Double lesson seminar – 90- 120 mins