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100% of school teachers rate Real Talk above average (69% excellent, 31% good)

100% of schools surveyed 2013-2016 said they would use Real Talk again


"Excellent, relevant, engaging...”

Matt Crisanti - APRIM, Blackfriars Priory School

“A must have - essential! Difficult issues that are tough for teachers to talk about, very professionally presented by Real Talk.”

Geoff Steyn – Senior College Dean and Men of Honour Programme Coordinator

“The ‘Stronger’ session is a must for any young man, old man, or prospective dad. It challenges our internal compass and helps young men to identify their true meaning of what it is to be a man. We have used Real Talk for many years effectively with our students. Students rarely forget a Real Talk session. Even personally, with each visit, I get a renewed sense of understanding or pick up something new.”

Sean Toovey - Director of Students, St. Joseph’s Nudgee

“Definitely take the opportunity to have confident and competent professionals come in and speak on topics that are so important for students that are bombarded daily by unhealthy messages and standards. The seminars are not at all rigid instructions on how to live, but rather presentations that engage the students and offer a healthy and positive perspective of self-worth, relationships and identity. Feedback from students, staff and parents has been great!

Kye Dures –  Chaplain at Heritage Christian College NSW

The Real Talk seminar covered a range of informative topics, but the section that seemed particularly relevant for our sometimes image focused girls was just exactly how the media manipulates the images of famous women. The photo-shopping of pictures sparked some thoughtful comments and encouraged our young women to see that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.”

Karen Bloomfield – Director of Religious Studies, John Paul College Roturua, NZ


“For presenters so young to gain and hold teenagers’ attention – gently assertive when needing to be – was amazing to watch! You have very talented people working for you and the impeccable quality of the resources was such a blessing to us!

Our students had a unique opportunity to look at issues of sexuality and relationships in a God-glorifying and very honest way. The sincerity and passion of the presenters clearly engaged the classes, causing the reality of the messages to be firmly embedded in the students’ hearts and minds.”

Carl McIntyre - Secondary Learning Enhancement Coordinator, Cornerstone Christian School, NZ

“This was the best presentation on decision making and choices I have ever seen delivered to students. The topics were relevant and challenging which kept the students engaged and interested throughout.”

Grant Shepherd – Yr 11 Pastoral Coordinator, Southern Cross Catholic College

"Real Talk presented the beauty of life, love and relationships to our students in a way that they not only related to, but were touched by. The beauty and truth of God's plan for our sexuality was presented in a way the students could really understand. I highly recommend a Real Talk Seminar and the Student Mini-mags to any school wanting affordable high quality material in this area."

Justin Duckett – Director of Faith and Outreach, Nazareth College


“The Real Talk team delivered a professional and well-organised retreat for our Year 11 students. The presenters were articulate, genuine and relatable to the young people. Their message was highly relevant to the lives of our students and was presented in a clear and challenging, but not confronting, manner. The team were easy to work with and were accommodating to the needs of our school. The level of excellence of their presentation makes me highly recommend them to other Secondary schools.”

Monique Harris – Religious Education teacher, Aquinas College, Tauranga, NZ


"Thanks for coming to the Red Centre to present Real Talk to our Year 7, 8 & 9 students.  The messages about true identity, relationships, love and life were so relevant to the students.  Thanks for your authenticity and honesty with our students.  We all enjoyed your entertaining and inspiring presentations grounded in biblical truth.  Thanks for your time and insight we look forward to having ‘Real Talk’ back at our college in the future."  

Cate Garwood – Principal, Araluen Christian College


“The Real Talk presentation is an important part of our schools Pastoral Care Program. It addresses a particularly relevant, yet difficult topic for young people to discuss and it does it very well. We had students say to us that it was the most impacting part of our Year 9 Pastoral Care program. We also saw the changes it brought not just in individual students, but to the culture of the group. We desire for our students to have a life well lived that pursues truth, beauty and goodness and this presentation provided a basis for us to discuss how ‘love and life’ can contribute to such a life. It is also a valuable addition to our program because it is consistent with the Christian faith broadly and the Anglican tradition in our school. It helps students to see that God’s pattern for relationships revealed in the Bible is both good and good for us. The content was up-to-date with current research, insightful into new technologies, biblically faithful and engaging for our students. Our students benefitted from having time in gender specific groups that allowed them to openly discuss issues that affect them as developing young men and women. We believe it plays an important part in the positive formation of our students character.”

Tim Bowles - Chaplain/Head of Religious and Values Education, Moama Anglican Grammar School

“The Real Talk presentation was pitched perfectly to the students. The presenters were engaging and refreshingly authentic and the content was relatable as well as challenging. Even the most reluctant students were engaged.”

Janai Sugars - APRE, St Stephens Catholic College

“Real Talk really does ‘talk real’. They approach somewhat sensitive and ‘embarrassing issues in a way that pays full respect to each life created in the image and likeness of God. They delivered a clear message, consistent with Christian teachings and it was relevant and informed.”

Tracey-Lee Cheesman, APRE, Christ the King, Graceville


“It was really good! Please welcome them back next year! It changed my perspective on my image. I am Beautiful!”

Year 11 student – Gilroy Santa Maria College

Real Talk is a fantastic way to engage youth in talking about the tough topics. It speaks to students on their level and connects their life experiences with their faith.”

Thomas Carr College, VIC 2018

"Very worthwhile.  All parents should attend the parent session."

St. Joseph's Primary School, Wee Waa

“Real Talk is a great program; it opens up your eyes. It shows us really that we were made for something special and that there is always a right time. It makes you feel like you’re here for a reason. Wonderful!”

Year 9 Student

“The session was relevant, funny and I really enjoyed the stories you both shared.”

“At first I was expecting another one of those guest speakers who would simply tell us 'no, you must not do this or that', but surprisingly the two of you were really open and honest about yourselves in revealing how you personally experienced and dealt with sexuality throughout your teen and young adult years. Another surprise i did not expect was that this presentation would end up making me strongly re-consider sex and that you and Emma really helped reinforce to me the belief that it is better to value sex and wait until we are married. And it is also quite notable that while you did not force us to accept what you taught us, you were able to associate with us that it would be really difficult, but worth the wait.

I would definitely recommend this Real Talk love, sex and relationships seminar to every other school, whether Christian or non-Christian. I'm sure many students who open themselves up to this life learning lesson would greatly benefit from it as I have today.”

Andrew – Yr 12 Student, Penola College

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.11.41 am.png

“I was really amazed by the way my friends responded to it.  We learnt things that parents don’t really get to talk about.  It really meant a lot more than any boring lecture to hear someone with such a life experience to put themselves out there and let us learn from their mistakes.  It was such a worthwhile experience.  It was FANTASTIC!!!”

Year 10 student

“The messages and the information that is expressed so passionately in relation to God is so helpful and empowering.”

“Hi Real Talk,

I just had or of your talks at my school, really enjoyed it! It has changed my view on myself and gives me a better perspective of myself! I really thank you guys for coming out today! I support what you guys do it's just fantastic!

Thanks you so much!”

Tyson – Mackillop College Werribee


“I also really enjoyed the separate girls session it helped a lot of the girls with their self esteem and body image, they lady really cared and shared interesting information.”

Chloe – Yr 10


“Dear Real Talk,

It was so inspiring and refreshing to hear your speaker address my school today. The messages and the information that is expressed so passionately in relation to God is so helpful and empowering especially for young women trying to fit into the world socially and into themselves. It’s reassuring to hear real life experiences and facts through such as positive and honest words. She came across, especially to me, as the kind of role model that all young women need to see and hear from about these types of things.

Thank you so much for all the difference you have made!”

Laurie – St Saviour's College, School Captain

“Real Talk presented a highly relevant and dynamic session that engaged even the most challenging of students.  It is valuable to incorporate varying perspectives on relationships between men and women so students can make more informed choices. I would strongly recommend that you consider a Real Talk Australia presentation as part of your Senior Lifeskills or Pre-Schoolies program.”

Fran Johnston - Acting Head of Senior Schooling, Tannum Sands State High School

Seize the opportunity to present our Catholic/Christian tradition in a relevant and engaging context.

Teacher - St Johns College, Nambour

“The presenters sharing their own stories were a powerful witness to our students who found the day engaging, authentic and uplifting as it acknowledges experiences and fears they face giving them a real alternative.”

Chris - Leader of Mission, Kildare Catholic College, Wagga Wagga

“Real Talk is a great program and teaches a lot about sex, STI's and the emotions involved with sex. It was a relief to finally hear someone speak about sex in such a positive and open way.”

Year 11 student


“I learned so much that the list would be too long but it has changed the way I think of myself”

John Paul College


"The work you are doing through Real Talk is important work and much needed. I commend you for your commitment to this vital area of Church teaching and personal development."

Most Rev Mark Coleridge – Archbishop of Brisbane


"We had the opportunity to see the Real Talk program and highly recommend them for your school.  We are so encouraged by the way it was presented with interaction and relevance for the students. Their presentation was very similar to what we have been presenting with the content demonstrating a powerful message that shows abstinence is a positive and realistic lifestyle choice. The presenters held the students captive and well engaged which was great to see.  Any school that wants to show their students a Christian lifestyle view of sexuality would benefit from the Real Talk program. We highly recommend Real Talk for your students."

Jim & Faye Lyon – Straight Talk Australia


"I thought I would contact you to give you some feedback from my daughter. She was in the year 11 class you spoke with today. (My daughter) spontaneously told me about it on the way home. She was saying how much she enjoyed it and that she had gotten a lot from it. She described it as, funny, beautiful, relevant and great for her generation. I thought I should pass on the rave review! :-) and let you know as a parent how much I appreciate your visit and the work you do!”

Frankie – Parent


“Real Talk provides a great opportunity for students to critically consider media and social messages concerning image, relationships and sexuality. It is refreshing to find a program that encourages students to step back and consider their options regarding life choices and consequences.

The presenters engage really well with students, who then take away with them things to think about. I am keen for all of my own children to hear their important message for young people today.”

Sonja Couroupis – Life Network Australia


My name is Ellen and I am the Youth Minister in Port Macquarie. Thank you for your presentation at the Shine Gathering in Coffs Harbour. A lot of young people I spoke to after the event, claimed that Real Talk workshop was one of their highlights of the conference. It is wonderful, for myself and the students, to gain insight on such a sensitive topic, in such an authentic presentation. Thank you Real Talk for everything you do for the youth of Australia!

Ellen Hales – Parish Youth Minister, St Agnes', Port Macquarie


God bless and keep up the good work, you do amazingly! Was very inspired by a presentation with Matt and Steph tonight at my youth group. God's gift of love is truly amazing in itself, but it's disciples like you that are needed to inspire the youth of the modern world. Thanks so much! 

Aiden – Youth Group Member

“We had an amazing experience tonight when Paul shared with us. It was very powerful and very moving. I got a lot out of it and so did all our youth. I praise God for this wonderful message and ministry. We need more and more people to hear this truth and our youth need to hear this in todays day and age.”

Christine – Youth Group Leader


“We had Real Talk speak to our youth and young adults tonight and I can’t say enough about how good it was. It spoke into my life on a very personal level and touched my heart. It is a message that should be shouted from the rooftops. I can’t wait to tell other people and share this message. Every parish and young person should hear this presentation.”

Michelle – 27, Young Adult Leader


“This topic is central to life and to hear it articulated so well and to be well researched and highlighted with life stories was just amazing. It is one of those talks where you hear it and just wish so many more people were present to experience it. As a previous school captain I highly recommend this talk to high schools and churches.”

Chris – 24

“I felt better as a parent when I left and I just wish more parents could hear it”

Parents Nights

“The information presented by Real Talk was relevant and relatable to us as parents. We were given lots of great advice, tips and ideas, which seem easy to put into practice.”

“Some of the content definitely opened my eyes and I now have a better understanding about children and technology. I am looking forward to having conversations with my child about these topics.”

“Every parents should come! Attendance should be compulsory. It was timely and so empowering; I definitely feel more confident to have the hard conversations with my child.”

“The presentation was very enagaging and well-rounded which considered the whole child and the reality of the world in which they are growing up. Real life examples from the presenter’s family ensued that people were relaxed and could easily relate to her situation to their own.”

Parent Feedback

“Hi Kym and Paul, I was at your talk last night and just wanted to let you know I thought it was great. I have 4 kids and I can see how different the teenage years are from one to the next. I found it very informative and the stats on a few things very scary. Kym, listening to your parenting stories I could identify with quite a lot of things you said.  You both present your information in an open, honest and funny way and I could have sat there for a lot longer listening to you. It was very much appreciated - Thank you both!”

Louise Johansen – Parents Night, Mt. Maria College


"The first session with Kim was fantastic! I could have listened to Kim all night, she was so honest and practical. She was a gift from God for all the young people and their parents present. I felt better as a parent when I left and I just wish more parents could hear it”

Jane Coates – Christchurch, NZ Parents and Daughters Session

“In all my years at school this was by far the best reflection day I have been on”
Lilly - Yr 11, John Paul College, Rotorua


“Real Talk provided an engaging, challenging and inspiring program for our Year 10 boys. Their feedback about the program was very positive. The issues covered and resources presented nicely supplemented our Religious Education program and we will be using the supporting magazines as follow-up in subsequent lessons. Though addressing some sensitive issues, the content was age-appropriate and relevant for the development of our young men. The presenters were thoroughly professional and communicated clearly throughout the day. We have already re-booked Real talk for next year.”

Mr Andrew Millar  Assistant Principal Mission, Oakhill College


“Assumption College has had the privilege of having Real Talk present their Love and Life Seminar to our students from year 7 through to Year 12 over the past few years. Real Talk focuses on the issues of sex, relationships and personal identity all done in the Christian Catholic context.

Real Talk’s message to our young adults of taking responsibility for themselves as they develop sexually in a world filled with mixed messages is exceptionally important. Girls and boys alike responded to their genuineness, humour and energy. Their ability to share at a depth not easily accomplished by the classroom teacher added another dimension to their wonderful presentation.

Real Talk have been very accommodating to our requests and have been able to tailor a program that will be developmental from the junior years through to senior students. A real positive I found was the ability of the presenters to deliver gender based programs where we can split the girls and boys in different sessions.

The feedback has been very positive from both students and staff. A testament to the success of the program is the way they are able to reach every person in the room through their inclusiveness, compassion and non-judgmental approach. I highly recommend the Real Talk and encourage others to access these wonderful presenters.”

Terry Cooney – Director of Mission, Assumption College, Kilmore.


“Real Talk really hit the mark with our Year 10 students. They certainly know how to get the ‘real’ message across, using their own experiences and the language they use hits the mark with young people. While in no way diluting the teachings of the Church, Paul and Kym addressed the students in a respectful manner and I am sure that many of our students are now in a much better position to make informed decisions for their future relationships which will stand them in good stead for their lives. We hope to have them again this year for our students.”

Theresa Stephenson – Faith Development Coordinator, Catholic Regional College North Keilor


“This year at our Year Nine Awareness day we invited Real Talk to present a session on sexuality to our Year Nine students. We wanted to raise the awareness of our students around issues to do with, not just the clinical issues surrounding sexual activity, but most importantly the issues of their own dignity and self-esteem as males and females as they start the journey toward adulthood.  

Our students were lead gently, by these wonderful presenters, through what can be a difficult and sometimes affronting issue for our young people. Their material was engaging and well researched and presented in a professional manner. Staff of the College, as well as myself, were very impressed. Students were actively engaged and feedback from students was very positive. If you are looking for good presenters that present from the Catholic perspective on such issues look no further. I definitely will be booking Real Talk again to present to our Year 9s and to other year levels at Trinity College. WOW! What a find!!”

Nancy Rodgers – APRE, Trinity College


“Eye-opener. Very interactive. Presenters can get even the toughest crowd talking. Fabulous stories!”

Carl Sixsmith - Yr8 Pastoral Coordinator

“We recently hadPaul and Kym from the Real Talk team come and present to our Year 9-12 students on the highly relevant topic of Love, Life and Body Image. The Real Talk message was not only relevant but highly engaging and presented from a solid Christian world view. We were very pleased by the students response and also gained lots of positive feedback from other teaching staff who attended the seminar. We look forward to having Real Talk at our school next year.”

Wade Parker – Head of PDHPE, Coffs Harbour Christian Community School


“Real Talk is informative and relaxed. It is delivered at the right level for the students using images and ideas they can relate to. They provided a good range of scientific information to support the central message of caring for God's creation (both the individual and others). Using a husband and wife as presenters worked well with our students.”

DRS – John Paul College


I would encourage [schools] to use Real Talk, particularly around difficult issues like pornography, sexting, etc.

Yr 10 Pastoral Coordinator  – De La Salle Catholic College

A worthwhile experience for students who live in a society that bombards them with the secular world's view of relationships. They hear about the Catholic view and why the Church upholds those teachings. Students become better informed in making their choices.

Director of Mission  – Mercedes College


“Thanks again! I cannot believe how much I learnt about myself and those around me in the last 2 days. I feel like everything that was discussed, I already knew deep down.. But it helped me to recognise it was real! It really opened my eyes. Paul's story about him and his wife was very touching and brave of him to share to a heap of teenagers. It's very inspiring, so thank you.”

Sinead – Yr 11 Bunbury Catholic College

“I really believe that this has helped me change my life.”

"I would just like to say thank you for the inspirational talk today at Magdalene. Personally things have been tough lately and you both made me feel like I have a purpose in life.  Thank you once again for the talk and the help with finding myself. It helped a lot with my situation at the moment!"

Mel – Yr 8 Student and Magdalene College

“I actually found today extremely inspiring and helpful and I just feel so good. I really believe that this has helped me change my life.”

Year 12 student – Gilroy Santa Maria College


“Thanks heaps for coming and talking to us (grade 9 that is) it was great. it helped me a lot and makes me think about the things I’m going through in a different way. They are still tuff but hopefully it'll get better after what you have said. Thanks soooo much for everything! I really enjoyed myself!”

Natalia – Mt Isa.


“I thought the wellbeing day program was very educational and it made us more aware of what our body goes through.  It helped us because parents sometimes have trouble speaking to us about all the changes we go through and the speakers could talk about it more confidently. They made it fun and interesting by creating activities for us.”

Ben – Mackillop College Werribee


"The Year 8 Reflection Day was overall a very valuable day. Being hosted by RealTalk Australia created a great atmosphere and kept a laugh going throughout the grade. The day was filled with physical and factual activities, providing a variety of learning opportunities. The experience taught us the importance of life and love and the importance of us as individuals. In particular relationships were talked about and the influence they have on our lives. The day provided great information and was an amazing experience for all."   

Bailey – Yr 8

“In all my years at school this was by far the best reflection day I have been on”


“I will value the act of love and share it with one and only”

Student – Marymede, VIC


Real Talk did an amazing job! It was my highlight from the event! I know the students all responded well to the talk and all spoke very highly of the presenter!

Student – “Shine” Gathering of multiple schools in the Lismore area


Very interesting, worthwhile, so interactive, should get them back next year

Student – St. Joseph’s College, Banora Point NSW



 "As a mum of two blossoming young women, I see the crucial role we play in forming our girls for their teen years, and for the choices they make in their lives. The passion that both “Kym and Chantale bring to this program makes it so much richer. It's not just a set of ideas. It's a journey they've taken with their own girls, and reflects the detail and quality of time spent with them. Add to that their wisdom as a counsellor and a teacher with a broad wealth of experience in ministry with young people and you can see it's an exciting new resource for parents and anyone working with young girls."

Liz Buchanan – Mother, Actor/Singer.



“The magazine is a wonderful teaching tool. It addresses real issues and presents the Catholic viewpoint with an appealing and catchy layout. The magazine is easy to follow for students and seems useful in and out of the class setting.

As well as supporting our ultimate aim of forming well-rounded Christian students, it is also useful for a variety of class lessons. I can personally use it in class to greatly enhance year 11 Religion and Ethics, senior Study of Religion and year 10 Personal Development.

It is one of the best resources I have encountered in my time of teaching especially for teaching modules such as “Beginnings, Purpose and Destiny” and “Morals and Ethics” and I can see appropriate areas of use from PE to PD to RE. I’m extremely excited about the positive impact the Real Talk Magazine will have on students over the coming years.”

Jim Parker – Senior RE Teacher, Mt Maria College, Petrie


"Real Talk are passionate, personable and extremely professional. They related extremely well with the students and were well prepared with quizzes, activities and multimedia resources. Real Talk seamlessly integrated the Catholic Perspective into their discussions around Puberty. I would highly recommend Real Talk to other schools."  

Natalie McCosker - APRE, St Patricks School, Emerald 

“As a previous school captain I highly recommend this talk to high schools and churches.”

“Real Talk is a great organisation that delivers professional and engaging retreats that really make a difference! I observed two Real Talk presenters over three days and was amazed at the positive difference they made in many young peoples attitudes towards the topic of sexuality.”

Alex Bailey – Youth Director, Catholic Youth Office, Hamilton NZ.


"We have invited Paul Ninnes to speak to the those being formed for Ministry for the last two years. What he presents is cutting edge, relevant and motivational. We see his well researched, powerful material, presented to the men, as a must in the equipping of young adults for ministry and Christian living.

His passionate delivery is captivating and his very real message leaves all those in attendance challenged and changed!

I fully recommend Real Talk and Paul Ninnes to anyone interested in equipping young people for life.”

Mark Doyle – Executive Director, NET Ministries Australia



IMG_5652 copy.JPG
“I was really amazed by the way my friends responded to it. We learnt things that parents don’t really get to talk about."


"I would suggest that is a great opportunity for students to have those conversations with adults that are not with them on a daily basis hence giving them the freedom to possibly say or listen more."



“Real Talk has taken John Paul II's 'Theology of the Body' and made it accessable and engaging to the youth of the 21st century. The importance of this work cannot be understated. So many of the poor choices young people make today are a result of the contemporary youth issues and pressures surrounding sexuality. So great to see our young men hearing out aloud, for the first time, the truth they have always known deep down. Well done RealTalk.”

Michael Toohey – Student Ministry and Formation Leader, St. Patricks’ College


“Real Talk presented an engaging multimedia presentation that provided an excellent balance of informative teachings on love and relationships with an accessible and entertaining format to our students. I would highly recommend their Love and Life presentation to other Catholic schools looking to engage and educate their students in the areas of sex, personal identity and positive relationships.”

Damian Bier – Faith and Ministry Coordinator, Catholic College Bendigo


“Excellent. Real Talk is Real Talk.”



“Excellent, relevant and reflective.”

Rose De Pomeroy – Science teacher, St Leo’s College


“I would recommend Real Talk for anyone looking for engaging presenters who address the Church's teachings on sexuality and relationships in a fun, non-confronting and relevant way.  Kym and Paul took the time to listen and understand our school so that their presentation was adapted to suit our needs.  During the session they were able to read the crowd and involve the students in a way that drew them into the topic.  On a topic that stirs up a lot of feelings and opinions, it was great to have people who clearly present the issue with honesty, compassion and cultural relevance.  It would be great to have Real Talk back next time!”

Mrs Melissa Haworth - Campus Minister, Seton College


“The team at Real Talk are genuine and thoroughly engaging. The presentations provide a platform for students and teachers to discuss relationships and matters related to male and female identity. The message is clear without being too didactic.”

Teacher – SCCC


“A good way to bring the christian perspective of sexuality and identity into the spot light without any awkwardness or stigma.”

Teacher – Trinity College


“Great presenters, content and activities.”

Jenna Fullard – St. Joseph’s, Echuca


“Any educator will acknowledge that engaging senior secondary students on matters of faith, life and love is a tough gig. Paul and Sarah presented authentic Catholic teaching in a way that respected the student’s own beliefs and experiences, yet challenged them to critically reflect on the messages of contemporary culture. Humor, testimony, teaching, games and excellent audio visual materials were all used in a professional, well-structured presentation that took the Church’s teaching of the dignity of the human person, and John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and made it intelligible to students. Our Year 11’s received the presenters and their message very well, and I would thoroughly recommend Real Talk to other schools.”

Craig Gorddard – Bunbury Catholic College


“I’m so impressed with your professionalism, communication (leading up to the event) but more importantly your presentation material with our students”

Ms Anne Berardineli – Director of Catholic Identity, Thomas Carr College


"Their passionate delivery provided the students with strong faith-based information that was the perfect conclusion to our morals and ethics unit in Religious Education. Both students and staff were extremely impressed and we will definitely be having Real Talk speak again."

Mick Jones – Teacher, St Augustine’s College


"The presentation, Love and Life was excellent and was aimed at the right age group. The students did not lose focus and were talking about it for days afterwards.  We all (staff) were very happy with the way the content was handled so professionally and with due care.  It is not easy to come into a group of students and talk about sex and love from a Christian perspective but Real Talk have done that very well with great results.  We are making this presentation an annual event with our Year 8 students."  

Paul Blom – APRE, St Augustine’s College


“This was the best seminar I’ve ever sat through. It explained things really well”

Year 12 student – Tannum Sands State School


“This really helped me think about everything. Thank-you deeply”

Year 12 student – Tannum Sands State school


"Best (seminar)… such an eye opener."

Student – “Shine” Gathering of multiple schools in the Lismore area


"To not just respect others but respect myself."

Male, 14, St Laurence’s Brisbane


"I learned that God gave me life for a purpose."

Male – 13, St Laurence’s Brisbane


"Interesting. A well paced seminar with great info."

Student – St. John’s College Woodlawn, NSW


“Love is precious”

Yr 12 student – Tannum Sands State School


"Amazing speaker and very engaging."

Mackillop College, Port Macquarie


A very worthwhile experience for all students.  Kids hear it in plain, no nonsense English and just the facts, as it is but still within a Christian context. 

Megan Mahoney, APRE, St Joseph’s School Stanthorpe


BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Head of Religious Education, Nagle Catholic College


Presenters were fantastic and easy to relate too. The content covered was very suited to year 9 students and addressed modern day issues and concerns.

Kelly Centofanti – Yr 9 Pastoral Coordinator, Marian Catholic College


The talk was so awesome, genuinely life changing, praise God for the ministry you have.

Dominic Malgeri – Auckland Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy, NZ

“Reflection Day for Year 8 was a great success, we learnt a lot about life and love from RealTalk Australia. We learnt some valuable information and experiences from others that will help in our future relationships. Us ladies learnt about having pride in ourselves, to have self-confidence. We also learnt about the perception of beauty through the ages. The Reflection Day taught us the important necessities on life & love. It was a great learning experience.”

Chloe – Yr 8


“Absolutely enjoyed it/would love you to speak to us as a year group again”

Student – John Paul College, Rotorua NZ

I loved this day, and a lot of girls needed this. Thank-you


“I loved this day, and a lot of girls needed this. Thank-you XXX"

Student – Magdalene Catholic High school, Wollongong NSW


“(I learnt) To respect myself and that I need to set clear boundaries in relationships”

Student – Aranmore College WA


“In all my years at school this was by far the best reflection day I have been on”

Lilly – Yr 11, John Paul College, Rotorua NZ


“(I learnt) I am worth more than anything I imagine”

Student – VIC


“They've hit the nail on the head”

Student – Oakhill College NSW


“Very funny and engaging”

Student – Sacred Heart College Geelong


“(I learnt to) Set standards for myself/to value beauty and my body”

Student VIC


"I learnt 1000x as much... and I'm going to take what I learnt further"

Student – St Joseph's Stanthorpe QLD


“It has allowed me to treasure my virginity and know it's a special gift”

Student – Sacred Heart College Geelong

“They’ve hit the nail on the head”

“I learnt that there is a deeper meaning to sex”

Student – St Joseph's College VIC


“It helped me to learn the importance of self-worth"

Student – St Joseph's Stanthorp QLD


"I learnt to respect and love myself... That "perfect" isn't a specific body type or colour"

Student – Thomas Carr College, Tarneit VIC


"Real strength isn't about muscle it is about who you are"

Student – Magdalene Catholic High school Wollongong


“I love how you opened up and told us the truth"

Student – St Joseph's Echuca VIC


“It doesn't matter about looks, you are special and God created us for a purpose"

Student – Magdalene Catholic High School, Wollongong NSW

“I love how you opened up and told us the truth”

“You don't have to have sex to be a real man... the choices you make will affect who you become"

Student – Aranmore College WA


“...JUST MORE! I wish it went longer. I LOVED IT”

Student – VIC


“The Real Talk Stronger day was definitely the highlight of our three day year twelve retreat. Both presenters were able to talk at a level the students really appreciated and related to. Coming home from retreat it was by far the most talked about of the sessions.”

Paul McDonald – Head of Religion, St. Stanilaus College


It was a big change on how I see women and how I can connect with God. Thanks!

Male – 13, St Laurence’s Brisbane


"Hey guys, I’m a lad from Villanova and you came to see us today and I’d just like to thank you guys again for the stuff that you guys talked about. It really drove deep and made me think about life in general in a completely different way, so thank you. Especially to Steph and Paul who got down onto our level and actually shared really personally. "

James – Villanova College, Brisbane


"AMAZING - I feel I have gained a better understanding around the topic now."

Student – Mackillop College Port Macquarie



Student – St. John’s College Woodlawn, NSW


"This workshop was really interesting and I enjoyed it very much, everyone was really mature and open about the topic."

Student – St. Joseph’s Regional College, Port Macquarie


"Everything I learnt today was useful"

Male – 13, St Laurence’s Brisbane


Definitely a must for communicating about sex and relationships with students. A great way to get students engaged and participating in the process of learning in these areas. I would highly recommend Paul and the Real Talk team.


Appropriate level for students, excellent pedagogy and reflection strategies

Director of Catholic Identity – St Francis Xavier College

Do it! It's amazing, the presenters share so much of themselves and it's a real lived experience for the students. They discuss everything about contemporary sexuality, using Catholic themes in a non-judgmental, humanitarian manner.

Amelia Bright - REC Mater Dei Catholic College

The content and message of the day was life giving. Human dignity is something that needs to be developed in us all, but especially in the young ones. It gives hope in a hopeless world. This was done in a way that was fun and immediate to the students. I highly recommend Real Talk to any school thinking of how to empower their students to know that they are loved, and in turn, deserved to be loved.

Peter Nathan – RE & Faith Leader, Nazareth College

"Kym uses her own story and vulnerability combined with factual evidence and strategies, for daily living as a teenager in a world of sexual expectations.  Her approach is real, vulnerable and informative, delivered in a compelling manner due to her engaging style as a presenter.  I would highly recommend Kym to anyone in any situation as a competent, informed presenter of this program."

Shanelle Bennett Former Executive Director, NET Ministries Australia


"Paul is a gifted leader who has an engaging story to tell. It’s his own story of facing the challenges of growing up and the decisions he made in relation to sex and relationships. His story is interwoven with up to date research on the experiences of other young people who are searching for answers in these important areas and the decisions that are being made on a daily basis by teenagers and young adults across Australia. He also draws on significant scientific research which helps young people to understand the present and future impact of decisions which are being made in the present.

The messages Real Talk present are honest, faith filled and practical. Real Talk has the capacity to inspire young people to strive for the highest ideals while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground.

I highly recommend Real Talk in this important area."

Shayne Bennett – Former Moderator, Emmanuel Community, Brisbane


“This program should be run in every school in Australia.”

"Paul's life experience and learning credentials have qualified him to present with authority on the topics of sex, relationships, intimacy and masculinity. He has a powerful message particularly for young men. His language and style are clear and compelling without being too religious and pious. He is down to earth, connecting and has a refined sense of humour. My experience with engaging Paul to present at our events has been very rewarding. We will definitely work with him again.

Paul Ninnes is a class act!"

Robert Falzon – Founder of Men Alive  


“Real Talk provided an accessible, relevant and personal presentation on God’s gift of love and life. The young people were able to really connect to Paul and Kym’s story and this had an undeniably positive impact on their views of the church and God’s plan for their lives. The content is age-appropriate and handled with delicacy but at the same time delivered with passion. I highly recommend Real Talk to anyone seeking to educate and develop youth on the Catholic Church’s teaching’s on sexuality.”

Caitlyn Humphrys – Youth Group Leader, Campus Minister


"This program should be run in every school in Australia, and I'm sure, would also be welcomed in many secular and state schools... Real Talk presents the program of God's plan for love and life in a beautifully sensitive and respectful way.”

Teresa Martin – State President, Cherish Life Queensland


I’ve found that the Real Talk presenters engage the students extremely well. Their content is very relevant and much needed. The feedback we have received, after they leave, from all year levels, is extremely positive and the effects seem to be long term. We have had students talking about the seminars and retreats months later and I believe it is because the content is real and personal.

Real Talk challenges many students to rethink their approach to the topic of sex and gets students questioning the way they are influenced by such avenues as peer pressure and the media. Our students are left with the knowledge that there is in fact another option to how they live out their lives that is both fulfilling and life giving!

I highly recommend a Real Talk live presentation to all schools!”

Nicole Allen – Deputy Principal, Religious Education and Faith Development, Penola Catholic College


“Thanks for coming out to Southern Cross for the 'Love and Life' and 'Stronger/True Beauty' Sessions. The students respond positively to your ‘Real Talk’ style. The content was relevant and engaging and it has been the catalyst for some interesting and much needed conversations.

I look forward to working with you both again in the future and will recommend the work you do to other Pastoral Coordinators. The sessions you had with the students were highly relevant and it is my hope that it moves them to act! I think you have inspired our students to find their inner strength!”

Adam Mcphee – Year 11 Coordinator, Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough


“I would highly recommend the Real Talk experience to schools wanting an opportunity for students to encounter presenters who give of themselves - warts and all - and who are happy to share the good and bad decisions they have made in a way that enables students to be empowered to make the best choices for themselves and to realise that if their choices lacked a little wisdom, that there is always the possibility of redemption.”

Marlo Drake – Director of Social Justice & Mission, Sacred Heart College


Thank you so much for coming in and talking to us today! I really enjoyed listening to Kym and listening to a real person that his not perfect and that you can relate to! After today I have thought about my life and how I can change it for the better, also to believe in myself and believe that I am worthy. I have definitely thought about my friends and family and considered who is important in my life… Thank you again and today has changed the way I look at my life! 

Yr 10 student – Kilbreda College, Vic


Hey Guys, I'd just like to thank Gerard, Jeremy and Justine for coming down to ACK today to talk to us. I've recently been thinking about waiting for marriage to have sex and whether to or not and how it could affect me if I did. But hearing all of your own stories has helped me and made me think of it differently and not to worry about how others will see me and to just make sure I'm happy with myself. So again, just a massive thank you to you guys for coming down today!

Jack – Student, ACK, Victoria


This was such an amazing workshop and really helped me put life into perspective

Student – “Shine” Gathering of multiple schools in the Lismore area


Real Talk is an organisation whose passion is to serve the youth and equip them with the truth about statistics and facts on Love and Life. Their split sessions Stronger and Beauty are fantastic they explore on a deeper level the issues the boys and girls face in everyday life in such a way that the students are engaged and educated. I would definitely recommend getting Real Talk you won't regret it and your students will thank you.

Alison Whitten – Campus Minister, St Eugene’s College

Great presenters, consistent program and message. The kids responded well.

Deputy Principal Mission, Good Counsel College

The Real Talk seminar was highly engaging for the students, presenting only material that was totalling affirming to Catholic teaching concerning dignified sexuality and respectful relationships.

Jane Branigan – Director of Catholic Identity, FCJ Colleg