Pornography, Love & Relationships

Available as:

  • an 'Educational Use' DVD resource which includes a license to broadcast to groups; OR
  • an "Educational Use" high-res digital download.
  • DVD or download for personal use (Click HERE)

Two-Part video presentation including discussion questions for groups. 

In this presentation, Real Talk Managing Director Paul Ninnes breaks open the challenge of pornography for young people and adults, how it affects a person's mind, body and soul and how it can profoundly harm relationships.

To deal with any problem we must first understand it. This presentation uses a deeply personal approach to delve into the pandemic of pornography and how it is impacting lives and relationships. This video is essential viewing for leaders, school staff and older secondary school students (15+ recommended).

"A much-needed, world class resource... relational, personal, raw and powerful."

Robert Falzon, Founder - MenAlive

Watch an excerpt from the DVD here.