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Giveaway: Each magazine is purchased for one person only, with the intention that it is given away (owned by student/youth). Purchases may be used in class for ONE student for ONE year, however for an ongoing license, please select Class Set.

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More than just a resource, Student Mini-Mags include contemporary discussions, quizzes and links to powerful "Mini-Movies". They can act as a reinforcement to Real Talk seminars or can be used as a stand alone resource. They serve as a powerful companion to Religious, Personal Development and Health and Physical Education classes.

FROM JUST $3 each they are a powerful teaching tool!

Available for middle school and senior school

"I can personally use it in class to greatly enhance year 11 Religion and Ethics, senior Study of Religion and year 10 personal development. It is one of the best resources I have encountered in my time of teaching especially for teaching modules such as “Beginnings, Purpose and Destiny” and “Morals and Ethics” and I can see appropriate areas of use from PE to PD to RE." 
(J. Parker Senior RE Teacher)