“It is rare for a week to pass without our staff having to deal with a sexually related digital issue. Real Talk’s seminar was the best and most compelling presentation I have ever encountered. I would recommend this seminar as a matter of priority to all high schools”
- High School Principal

Never before has the digital world brought with it so many risks. This topic is getting more and more difficult for educators to handle. From sexting to bullying, pornography to tech-addiction the problems keep arising.

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Tackling the big issues

More than just another talk on digital citizenship that outlines what not to do. Real Talk will provide a seminar experience that truly impacts lives, leaving a lasting impression in a compelling, interactive and personal way.


Love, respect and dignity

Giving more than just advice, Real Talk will relate these topics back to the human person and how at the heart of healthy tech use is an understanding of life as a gift and seeing each and every person as being created for love, respect and dignity. 

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     Topics we cover

  • Cyber safety, bullying & cyber harassment

  • Sexting & Pornography

  • Digital reputation & digital footprint

  • Healthy tech use

  • Critical literacy

  • Impact of the media

  • How to always value the ‘real’ person

  • What to do if….

Year Levels

Year 7 - 12

Group size

20 -200+