Real Talk Expands to Primary Schools

Real Talk has been very excited to officially expand into the primary school space this year, after 7 years of developing and refining primary aged content and resources. With the appointment of Nikki Lysaght as Primary Schools Manager and Presenter, Real Talk is meeting the needs of primary educators, looking for curriculum-based, holistic and values-based puberty and personal development presentations.   

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Nikki has 18 years experience teaching in Education and 10 years as an Assistant Principal Religious Education. She is passionate and creative, and as a wife and mother of 3 children aged 9 – 13 Nikki is experiencing first hand the joys and challenges that come with parenting tweens to teens.

Nikki says she is excited to now be working with the Real Talk team to develop primary school content and roll it out in schools all around Australia.  


"It’s a very exciting time as we have just finished producing a puberty video resource, which will form part of our Year 5 and 6 content.  This puberty content forms part of a bigger reflection day where we explore the physical development areas of puberty within the wider context of self-image, positive relationships, as well as the role that society and the media play in forming our understanding of these topics."



You can contact Nikki about primary school visits at

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